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WebSpellChecker is available as a plugin for CKEditor 4.0+.

This plugin brings spell and grammar checking in a dialog window into CKEditor.

WebSpellChecker operates in a separate browser window so your work is not obstructed.

Corrected text is automatically returned to the form.

Special Features

  • Spelling Check for additional languages and specialized dictionaries
  • Unlimited custom dictionaries
    (both universal custom dictionaries for all users and a personal dictionary for each user)
  • Enhanced Security
  • Customized error messages
  • HTML tags are ignored during the spell-checking process
  • Can be used on your Intranet and behind a firewall
Supported in all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11+, MS Edge, and Safari.

Integration and Installation

Free WSC with an advertisement banner is available for all CKEditor users!

WSC is an integrated part of CKEditor 4.0+. CKEditor 4.0+ can be downloaded from the CKEditor site.

You can easily remove the ad banner - you just need to migrate from the free version to one of the versions that we offer: Cloud or Server. Please follow the migration instructions for the Cloud or Server version.