Cloud Services

We provide Cloud Services for WebSpellChecker Proofreader, SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT), WebSpellChecker Dialog (WSC) and Web API products.

A 30-day trial version is available!

The Cloud services are provided for an annual fee and have some usage limitations on the number of requests and words processed by the WebSpellChecker cloud. Below you may find our stardard pricing for the Cloud services. To find our more information about the limitations, please contact us at

WebSpellChecker Proofreader

$250* per year

*The offer is on until Nov 9, 2018. WebSpellChecker Proofreader is designed to simplify the integration and combine the functionality of proofread as you type functionality and proofread in a dialog.

SpellCheckAsYouType (SCAYT)

$250 per year

SCAYT product allows you to see and correct misspellings ang grammar mistakes while typing.

WebSpellChecker Dialog (WSC)

$250 per year

Spell Check Dialog provides spell and grammar checking results in a pop-up window.


$250 per year

Web API is a set of available spell and grammar cheking commands to the WebSpellChecker application.